Rockford Clinical Research Solutions - Professional consulting for clinical research sites

Rockford Clinical Research Solutions offers several services for Clinical Research Sites:

CTA & Financial Contract Negotiations and Re-Negotiations

Whether you were recently awarded a trial and you need negotiation services for your Clinical Trial Agreement and financial contract or you have an ongoing study and you are interested in increasing your study budget, Rockford Clinical Research Solutions is here to help. RCRS will ensure you are getting compensated the most within fair market value and make sure the hidden costs of conducting clinical trials are included in your study budget. Start earning the maximum amount you can for your clinical trials, free up more time for your site personnel, and have Rockford Clinical Research Solutions perform this service for you. Contact us today to get started by sending an email to [email protected].

Evaluations for Site Optimization  

New clinical research sites and experienced clinical research sites can benefit from Rockford Clinical Research Solutions’ site optimization services. Our experienced consultants will analyze your current site processes, identify opportunities and risks, and provide recommendations for ways you can improve your compliance and efficiency. Contact RCRS today for more information!

SOP Creation

Having a set of well defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is essential in promoting quality, compliance, and subject safety in the conduct of clinical research trials. Rockford Clinical Research Solutions can create SOPs that are tailored to your site’s structure. We can also evaluate your current SOPs to ensure they are structured properly for quality and safety. Contact us today to learn more! Send an email to: [email protected]

Source Document Creation

The administrative burden of conducting clinical trials can be challenging for sites facing staffing shortages or sites who have newer, inexperienced staff. Shift your site efforts to recruitment and conducting subject visits and have Rockford Clinical Research Solutions create your source document forms! RCRS is here to help—contact us today!

Local Advertising Campaign Development

Are you interested in running a local advertising campaign for your trial, but you are not sure where to begin? Rockford Clinical Research Solutions can help! From study flyers to TV commercials, RCRS can develop a campaign that is right for your site. Contact us today for more information! Email: [email protected]

Study Startup Services

From assistance with managing confidentiality agreements and study feasibilities to negotiating the clinical trial agreement, financial contract, and completing the regulatory packet, Rockford Clinical Research Solutions can help you expedite study startup activities and move towards site activation faster. Contact RCRS today to get started!

Patient Recruitment Plan Development

You want to conduct a clinical trial at your site, but have you developed a plan for patient recruitment? Rockford Clinical Research Solutions will create a plan with you that will maximize your site’s recruitment efforts. Contact us today for more information!

Clinical Research Investigative Site Personnel Training

Set your clinical research team up for success by providing them with proper training and ongoing support. Rockford Clinical Research Solutions offers training for Principal Investigators, Sub-Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, Clinical Research Assistants, Regulatory Coordinators, and Patient Recruitment Specialists. Contact RCRS today to learn more by sending an email to: [email protected]


Rockford Clinical Research Solutions offers services for pharmaceutical sponsors:

  • Site Feasibilities and Study Startup
  • Contract and Budget Negotiations
  • Study Planning Services
  • Recruitment Material Development
  • Site Engagement Services

Please contact us today to learn more! Email: [email protected]